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Dorset / Hampshire

To minimise time and cost and mistakes, we prefer to supply all materials. This enables us to select and use materials that have proved to be of better quality/performance based on our extensive experience. Immediate reimbursement is required for all purchases made by us on behalf of clients. For larger projects or special requirements we may suggest that clients procure and supply their own materials.

If special equipment needs to be supplied/hired we will charge the actual costs plus 15% to cover arrangements etc.

Estimated cost of the work
All our work is performed at the hourly rates specified. It is generally very difficult for us to estimate accurately the cost for a given task, especially when, as is often the case, request are made for additional works to be carried out as we proceed. If required, we will provide an estimate based on a straight-forward job. We do not offer fixed-price services.

Hazardous materials & processes
Asbestos, and other hazardous materials, if discovered, require specialist handling; and will require reappraisal of the job, and costs of handling with any consequential delays.

Scope of work undertaken
We will not undertake any CORGI work (mains gas appliances) or Part P electrical work, both of which will require a specialist licensed contractor.

Weekly payment is required for all works completed with final balance payable on completion. We will accept cash or personal cheques, with cheque card, up to the cheque card limit per cheque. Returned (unpaid/return to drawer etc.) cheques will incur an additional cost of £38.50 per cheque. Interest for outstanding accounts is charged at 3% p.m.